Arta Pan specializes in the production of Medium Density Fiberboards (MDF), High Density Fiberboards (HDF) and particleboards. Through strategic acquisitions, Arta Pan has grown into one of the major producers of MDF and HDF panels in Iran with an annual capacity of nearly 1000 cubic meters.

Melamine faced
High quality MDF, HDF and Particleboard melamine in a vast array of colors and finishes

Sizes of Melamine HDF (laminated flooring);

8 * 2070 * 2620 (mm)

8 * 2070 * 2610 (mm)

Sizes of Melamine Particleboard:  

16 * 3660 * 1830 (mm)

Sizes of Melamine MDF:  

6 * 3660 * 1830 (mm)

8 * 3660 * 1830 (mm)

16 * 3660 * 1830 (mm)

25 * 3660 * 1830 (mm)

Color collection

1-     Solids

From bright and saturated to calm and neutral

2-     Woodgrains

An inspiring selection of wood species such as maple, oak, cherry and walnut available in an enticing array of colors

NOTE: Colors may vary slightly from the original product. Please request actual product sample before ordering. Colors are subject to change without notice.


Manufactured from 100% softwood using the industry’s most advanced continuous-press, refining and sanding technology, Arta Pan brings its uniform density, unmatched consistency and superior machinability to architects, designers and manufacturers. This renowned solid wood substitute suits a range of applications, such as commercial and residential furniture, store fixtures, cabinets, millwork; it also features one of the widest selections of grades available from a single source. Available with melamine as an added value option, Arta Pan is the high performance, medium density fiberboard you’ve been looking for.


Medium density (MDF)

Medium density fiber board (MDF) is a non-structural, interior product and one of the most rapidly growing composite board products to enter the world market in recent years.

Medium Density Fiber board – is a composite board made from wood fibers and synthetic resin binders bonded together under high heat and pressure. This manufacturing process creates a board that is flat, smooth, uniform and free of knots and grain, as well as a board that can be easily shaped into almost any form. High quality, clean, sharp contours and edges can be achieved in a wide range of profiles and designs.


High density (HDF)

A high density, highly durable MDF made for laminate flooring and other demanding laminate applications.