The beginnings of the Arta Group can be traced back to 1975, established  . producing yarn in Ardabil.

He established Arta Moquette in 1980 as the first producer of needle nonwoven carpets in Iran. As sales grew they invested in fiber with company name Arta Aliaf in 1982 becoming the first manufacturer in the carpet industry to produce their own fiber. Arta Moquette and Arta Aliaf are located in the city called Ardebil in Iran.


Sparked by continued growth, Arta diversified into tufting carpet in 1990, establishing a factory known today as Arta Tuft in a new plant near the city called Takestan, Qazvin, Iran. Arta Industrial group invested in Yarn extrusion in 1991 to produce the raw material for tufting carpet and the need in huge market of rug industry in Iran with the company name Arta Tech. In 1992, Arta Tech’s extrusion capacity was greatly increased with the addition of modern machines. This modern facility gives Arta the ability to produce different types of Yarns. In 1995, Arta continued its vertical integration with the addition of yet another new facility in Takestan plant for the carpet and fiber in different types and sizes with high capacity.


The expansion in yarn and fiber capacity is being driven by the growth of the carpet and rug manufacturing. From the first carpet manufactured in 1980 in Ardebil to the Takestan plant, through the establishment of Arta Industrial Group has rapidly grown into the Iran’s first largest carpet and textile raw materials producer.

Arta Moquette also looks outside the Iran borders for growth opportunities. From 1998, Arta Industrial Group got numerous awards for being best exporter and best investor in Iran.

In 2002, Arta Industrial Group decided to invest on Wood Flooring Industries. This has allowed Arta Industrial Group to become number one in flooring industry and focus its efforts on manufacturing high-quality, affordable products.

Arta invested on energy, wood, plastics and printing for packaging in a first private industrial zone in Iran owned by Arta Group until now.

Arta Group decided to invest in automobile industry due to high demand in Iranian market.

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